Full Spectrum Productivity

How Productivity Can Waste Your Time

Are you spinning your wheels trying to be more productive?

Productivity for its own sake isn’t always productive. What?!? Did I just say that? Sometimes, trying too hard to use every productivity tool out there can be a big waste of your valuable time!

There’s a trick to being truly productive and using the right tools for your small business success!

It starts with goal setting. How do you figure out which productivity tools are your key to success? As a busy entrepreneur you need to use the right productivity apps that enhance your time management, allowing you to achieve your goals. Are you ready to learn if you’re on the right track to increase productivity?So, did this inspire you to think about your specific business goals right now, and to determine if your productivity hacks are helping you achieve these goals? Let me know your thoughts!


PS Remember, productivity is only worthwhile if it’s nurturing specific outcomes!

Written by Katie Mazzocco



  1. Great points! It can be difficult to NOT access all the new apps and tricks out there thinking I am being more productive. Not all actually serve me well. To improve my productivity, I began unsubscribing from emails. By doing this, I have reduced the amount of email I get (obviously) and therefore actually improve my focus and therefore my productivity. Doing more with less = greater productivity. Plain and simple!

    • Amen to that Tanya!! 🙂 Less is more. Being strategic with the apps and tools is powerful. Less chaos!! Email is a huge turning point for many entrepreneurs once they get that under control. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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