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How to Survive Technology as a “Paper Person”

Are you hesitant to kick your “paper habit?” Get ready to increase productivity by using online tools instead of paper!

One of the hardest things to let go is our paper habit … to do lists and calendars that we are forever changing, rewriting, throwing away and starting over. You can manage these more effectively with a calendar app and a task manager app!

Embracing technology as a “paper person” can be challenging, but give technology a chance! Are you ready to discover three strategies to help you transition from paper to an online calendar app and task list?

Here’s how you can create a productive new habit to survive (and thrive) using technology instead of paper!
Now you’re ready to start saving tons of time (and trees!) using an online task list and calendar app!

Here’s another magical app for digital files! One of my favorites!


PS Share your successes and your struggles as you move from paper to tech! What’s working for you? What’s the biggest pitfall that holds you back?



  1. Katie,

    I was just talking about this with a client yesterday! We are of the generation that is caught between the two worlds – paper and technology. I love technology and embrace it and am quite comfortable with it. However, I also still love to do somethings with paper. I prefer to read a book or paperwork in hand and not online. This allows me to mark it up and look at it differently than I can online.

    Using an online calendar has been one of my favorite pieces of technology to integrate into my life. By inviting clients to our appointments via an online calendar makes them try it! It also opens up a conversation about the benefits of the online system.

    It will take some time and I may not ever go totally paperless. I am good with that! I find it is most important for my clients to know that either way, there is nothing wrong with it. They can try when they are ready. Then they are likely to be more successful.



    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful response to this video 🙂 We are a generation between two worlds.

      Like you, I am happy to use a little from each world. I don’t “feel all or nothing” rules help anyone 🙂

      Keep rocking it, Tanya!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I absolutely love my paper. However, I am beginning to use technology a lot more these days. I love using my paper planner to stay organized and my calendar on my Apple Watch to keep me focused on the day ahead. They both are very helpful.

    • Amen to that Barb!!! We have the capacity to learn no matter what our age!! 🙂 What apps to you regularly use, Barb?

    • I’m happy to help, Lore 🙂 I find that going paperless is best done strategically in baby steps. Let me know if I can support you through the process <3

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