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“Motivation is Garbage!”

Are you full of great ideas but hesitant to act on them? Or feel like you’re just not ready to make a big change? Find out why!

Motivation is something you believe you need to move forward in your business and our life. You are always waiting to get the courage to make a big decision, or build up the confidence to try something new to drive our own success.

Here’s a revolutionary concept to think about:  Motivation is garbage!

We’ve all been taught that in order to be successful, we need to be motivated. Find out why waiting to get motivated to make decisions or do something new could be holding you back!

So, get ready to do something difficult or scary … don’t hesitate!

You may never have the motivation, but you have the power to succeed by making those big decisions!

Try using positive affirmations to keep yourself going … every entrepreneur should read this!


PS Everything that results positive changes in our life and work is scary. Don’t let your brain hold you back! Go for it!



  1. She does nail it! You cannot wait to be ready because your body, your brain, will never allow you to get there. As Nike says, Just Do It! Great video. Thanks for sharing.

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