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Procrastination: The Silent Business Killer

It’s sneaky, it’s stealthy, and so unhealthy … procrastination! Is procrastination chipping away at your productivity? Is your business suffering because of it? 


You don’t need to be paralyzed by procrastination! You can make it stop! 


Procrastination can be devious and you may not even know you’re doing it! It could be daily distractions like Facebook or laundry. Maybe it’s just keeping “busy” with tons of tiny business tasks, or even just not knowing where to start with a project. Watch this to learn how to recognize procrastination and push past it so you can achieve your business goals! 



Did you discover anything about yourself when you watched this video? Now that you’ve identified what procrastination means for you, you can take decisive steps to eliminate it! 

Here are some more juicy tidbits to help you crush procrastination!


PS PS What’s you’re “favorite” form of procrastination? Share in the comments below!

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Written by Katie Mazzocco

Katie Mazzocco, The Small Business Systems Strategist, is the creator of the Success Productivity System™ and Operations Mastery Measure™, the proven step-by-step processes that teach you exactly how to transform your chronic-stress and business struggles into increased income and impact in the world.


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