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How to Save Time on Social Media for Entrepreneurs

Down the rabbit hole you go …

As an entrepreneur, you most likely spend a lot of time on social media doing your marketing, connecting with clients or managing your pages and presence. But what happens when you first log in to Facebook … distraction! So many interesting posts in your timeline vying for your attention! How do you stay focused on your business?

Social media can be a huge time waster … it’s like falling down the rabbit hole. You lose productive work time which costs you money. But I have a simple fix for you to avoid the bright shiny objects on social media and get straight to the task at hand!

I’ll bet this concept is not new to you, just a new way of using a familiar tool! *Facepalm* You knew it all along!

Oh by the way, here’s another way I found not to get distracted when I’m on Pinterest!





PS Spend a few minutes and do this right now! Let me know in the comments below how much time you save every day with this simple time management solution.


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