Full Spectrum Productivity

How to Create More GOOD in Your Life!

Have you celebrated yourself today?

As small business owners, we often get caught up in the daily grind of focusing on aspects of our business or certain things that might not go well.

But what about when something GREAT happens or you accomplish a goal that you’ve worked on for a while … do you celebrate? Or just move on to the next task?

It’s so important to celebrate your accomplishments! I’ve learned from some of my mentors that we can actually “train” ourselves not to focus on the GOOD. When the GOOD happens, we often just check it as “done” and move on to thIe next issue.

Watch this to see how you can retrain your brain to find joy in your achievements, and create more GOOD in your life!

Group hug! Start cultivating your positivity today! Here’s another way I use to make every day more plentiful and peaceful.


PS How will you celebrate your achievement today? Let me know in the comments below!


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