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Unroll.me: Retracting My Recommendation!

Yikes! I just found out that Unroll.me, an email management app I’ve been using and recommending for years, is involved in the unsavory practice of selling subscriber email data to third parties.

Unroll.me is an email management system that manages your inbox and unsubscribes you easily from emails you don’t want to receive.

While the data selling is detailed in their privacy policy, it’s not widely known that Unroll.me participates in this practice. So, I’m retracting my previous recommendation to use this email management system.

Watch for full details to learn what type of information they’re using!

It’s up to you, of course, whether or not to continue using Unroll.me, but now you can make an educated decision about this email manager.

Big hugs to you!

PS Let me know in the comments below if you find another email management app you like! I’d love to hear about it and share with everyone.



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