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Are You Battle-Weary from Non-Stop Notifications?

Does your workday leave you feeling bruised, battered and just mentally spent? Are you battle-weary from fighting the entrepreneurial fight every day?  

Constant decision-making. Trying to do 20 things at once. Worrying you won’t get it all done. The all-day adrenaline rush that leads to this exhaustion is also fueled by being ultra-connected with social media, email and more.  

Connectivity is the culprit … the notifications that demand your immediate attention. Watch this to learn my simple approach to bringing more peace and focus to your day.

Ready to reduce your stress and feel better about your business and your life? Give my idea a try! I hope it serves you and brings you more calm.  Read this for another juicy idea on eliminating social media distraction.


PS So, will you try my “notifications fast” and see how you feel after just one day? Tell me about your experience in the comments below! 


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