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Eliminating Entrepreneur Time Drains: Time Management Tips

What’s stealing time away from your business every day?  

As an entrepreneur, so many things demand your attention. Emails and messaging, team management, project management, constant decision making …  How can you eliminate the chaos, increase efficiency and use your time more productively and enjoyably? 

It’s all about using time management tools by putting systems in place to better organize all the tasks that eat away at your time every day. Disorganized files, lack of systematic processes for tasks, and the way you communicate with your team and clients all add up to what I call “time drains.”  

Watch this video to learn how to change those “time drains” into new-found “time banks!” 


Did you say “a-ha!” when you watched this? Hopefully you picked out a few things where some time management strategies will help save you time every day.  Want more juicy content about using your time more intentionally? Watch this!

What did you relate to? Tell me about it in the comments below! 



PS I’d love to hear your ideas on how to manage time! Tell me about them in the comments below. 



  1. Hey Katie,
    Loved this. I’m going to identify my time drains and get them plugged up. I was trying to download the “33 systems checklist”, but the site’s not letting me. It may have something to do with pop-ups (?) If you could let me know if it’s on my end or yours, I’d appreciate it.

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