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How to Prevent Surprise Stressors in Your Business

AAAGGGHHH! I forgot to get those handouts printed for my presentation! Is it really the second Wednesday of the month and payroll is Friday? Oh my gosh, is that proposal due TODAY?!?! 

We’ve all experienced “surprises” like these in our businesses, right? But are they really surprises? That presentation was on your calendar, but that one forgotten task threw you into chaos. You’ve been working on that proposal but set it aside, now it’s “on fire” and needs immediate quenching! 

It doesn’t have to be like this. Watch my video for some work stress relief … the solution to eliminate nasty surprises and improve task management in your business! 

So, entrepreneur, which routines can you systematize to get rid of the surprise stressors and increase productivity? 

I know you can re-frame your routine to be more effective and successful every day! 


PS  What’s one surprise (that’s not really a surprise!) in your business you’d like to control? Share in the comments below! 


PPS I’d love to chat to see if we can stop the stressors in your business with project management. Let’s set up a virtual tea and have a conversation! 


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