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How NOT to Hire Team Members

Have you ever hired a team member that just didn’t work out? Does this happen to you a lot? Hmmm…. 

I get it … every day is crazy in your small business. When you’re short on staff, you’re in a big hurry to fill that vacancy … get a warm body in that position. But is this really serving you and your business? 

I’m sharing with you five things NOT to do when hiring employees. Naturally you want intelligent, skilled, hard-working individuals that will help you grow your business and contribute to your success. 

Here are my best hiring practices and what you should avoid! 


So, have you ever done any of the “what NOT to do” things I talked about in the video? Don’t worry entrepreneur, we’ve all been there!  

Remember YOU are the boss of you … YOU have the power to only hire employees for your small business that will enrich your business and support your goals! 


PS What has been the hardest part of hiring for you in the pastShare in the comments below! I’d love to respond to support you. 


PPS I’d love to chat with you about your hiring struggles and see if I can provide a solution for you. Let’s schedule a virtual tea and have a conversation! 


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