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Inspiration: The Power of a Dream Coming to Life!

If you’re looking for a super-inspiring book that takes less than 5 minutes to read, check this out! (I read it to you!) 

Ok, so maybe a children’s book seems a little odd. But I found this immensely inspirational, a simple reminder that YOU, entrepreneur, can realize your dreams! 

It’s story time! Watch my inspirational video, and you’ll feel re-energized! 

Did you get chills at the end of the story? So powerful … the incubation of a dream and its emergence into the world! 

When you let your dream “escape” and come into the world for all to see, you’ll be fulfilling your entrepreneurial mission of giving the gift of YOU! 


 PS What’s one dream you have that’s still incubating inside your beautiful brain? Share in the comments below! 



  1. Happy birthday Katie. Loved the book. Once i master my systems i cant wait for all of my ideas to take flight. Gives me hope. Also thanks for the other recommendation for an organizer. Have a gac set up for tomorrow!

    • Yay!! Thank you for the birthday wishes, Barb 🙂 I’m so excited to watch your business take flight as well 🙂 Keep the faith! Everything happens in divine timing. I can’t wait to hear how the chat with the organizer goes 🙂

    • Oh my goodness! Thank you for letting me know, Gwen. I’m going to have my team look into it. In the meantime I’ll email you to arrange sending you the checklist 🙂

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