How to Make Your Inbox Your Best Friend

Do you shudder every time you open your email, dreading how many more there will be today? How large is that notification number in the little red circle? 

I’ve had clients with 100,000+ emails in their inbox who simply did not believe they would ever be able to go through them all and pare down their actionable inbox to 50 (or even ZERO) emails. But it can happen! 

In my video, I share with you four steps to tackle that untamable email inbox. Every busy entrepreneur needs to see this! 

How to Make Your Inbox Your Best Friend

How to Make Your Inbox Your Best Friend💌📥📧…I’ve taken clients from 100,000+ emails in their inbox to 25 emails SUSTAINABLY 😱…Say what!?!?!? If you think your inbox 📨 could never be your biggest source of saved time, think again!! I’ve done it with my clients over and over 🔄❤️…⬇️ Use the link in the comments below to schedule a Virtual Tea ☕️ to discuss your goals, struggles and solutions ❤️ ⬇️

Posted by Full Spectrum Productivity on Wednesday, April 10, 2019

It’s all about organizing the emails you NEED to keep and being picky about what you allow to land in your inbox. You’ll have less stress, more Zen and lots more time for other important business activities. 

You can literally go from spending hours a day on your email down to minutes!  


PS:  What’s your biggest challenge in dealing with your exhausting email? Share with me in the comments below! 

PPS: Like the 4-step approach in my video but need a little more direction? Let’s schedule a virtual tea and talk it out

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