Are Your Expectations Undermining Your Confidence & Goal Achievement?

As an entrepreneur, you are truly wired for innovation, excitement and creating new things! 

When you have a ton of great ideas ALL THE TIME, the challenge often becomes finding the time to get them all done … and in the process, your expectations are shattering your confidence and stopping you from executing all these great ideas! 

The result? In addition to lowering your self-confidence, you feel overwhelmed by the unrealistic expectations you’ve set for yourself. 

Here’s how to put an end to the chaos of overcommitment! 

Are Your Expectations Undermining Your Confidence & Your Goal Achievement?

How your expectations are shattering 💥 your confidence and undermining your plans 😱😱😱

Posted by Full Spectrum Productivity on Tuesday, May 7, 2019

When you laserfocus on your top three goals and put everything else on pause, you’ll have a lot less on your plate and the sense of overwhelm will diminish. 

It’s all about balancing your everyday work with achieving new goals, and you can do this! 


PS Did you say, “Yes that’s me!” when you watched this video? Share your “aha” moment in the comments below!  

PPS I’m here to bounce ideas around if you need help choosing your top 3 goals. Let’s schedule a virtual tea and talk about it! 

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