How to Protect Yourself, Your Team & Clients from Hackers

Scary statistic for you: 44% of small businesses have been hacked. And the cost of “fixing” a data breach averages almost $9,000! 

Just about every week we hear about another company that’s been hacked or had a data breach of some sort.  

Don’t let yourself become a statistic! As an entrepreneur, it’s your responsibility to not only keep yourself safe, but also your team and your clients. 

I know it’s hard to remember dozens (or even hundreds!) of passwords for your personal life and business. That’s why businesses get hacked … so many people use the same weak password for every program and app.  

Is your client data safe from hackers? Is your business safe? Can you afford the expense of fixing a data breach in your business? 

There’s an easy way to get the security you need and it’s not expensive. Watch this! 

How to Protect Yourself, Your Team & Clients from Hackers

44% of small businesses have been hacked 😱😱😱How to Protect Yourself, Your Team and Your Clients

Posted by Full Spectrum Productivity on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Using a password manager eliminates the problem of trying to remember a bunch of different passwords. 

All your passwords will be secure when you use a password keeper. You just remember one password, that’s it! 

The small amount of time and money it takes to set up a password manager is well worth it. You can do this! 


PS: How do you feel about using a password manager? Think it’s a great idea or do you resist doing it? Tell me about it in the comments below! 

PPS: Helping my clients overcome anxiety about technology is part of what I do as a productivity coach. Schedule a virtual tea with me and we’ll talk about it.

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