Decision Fatigue: It’s a Real Thing!

It’s 4:00 p.m. and you have a really big decision to make for your business. But should you do it?

Decision fatigue is real. It’s that mental exhaustion that builds as the day goes on, making it harder to make good decisions … even about what side dish to have with your dinner!

So, should you make that big important decision late in the day?

As an entrepreneur, you make countless decisions all day long in life and business. How can you lessen decision fatigue so that you’re still sharp by dinnertime?

No decision making required here – just watch and learn my simple trick!

Decision Fatigue and Entrepreneurs

Decision Fatigue and Entrepreneurs

Posted by Full Spectrum Productivity on Friday, July 1, 2016

Burnout doesn’t have to be “normal.”

Strategic decision-making skills can prevent you from becoming mentally exhausted and suffering from mental fatigue.

When you’re intentional about your decision-making process and manage your “decision time” accordingly, you’ll enjoy more business success and more ease in your life!

Big hugs to you,

PS: What burns you out? What wears you down every day? Share in the comments below!


PPS: It’s tough being an entrepreneur, wondering if you’re making the best decisions for your business and life. Schedule a virtual tea with me and let’s talk about how to minimize your decision fatigue!

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