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#1 Amazon Best-Selling Author!

Book Katie as your next keynote speaker and you’re sure to revolutionize your productivity while discovering how to maximize your time, impact, and income in your small business. 

Katie Mazzocco has been leading, laughing with and inspiring audiences for more than four years, and has helped thousands with her energetic and results-oriented messages. 

She believes that entrepreneurs are here to transform the world and it’s her mission and passion to help small business owners, like you, change more lives by being more productive. 

As the creator of the Revolutionary Productivity Process, the founder of the Revolutionary Productivity Academy and author of Revolutionary Productivity: How to Maximize Your Time, Impact, and Income in Your Small Business, Katie is resolute in her belief that people, especially entrepreneurs, are not meant to be productivity machines.

Her book takes you step-by-step through her productivity process and hit #1 on four Amazon Best Seller Lists: Small Business, Time Management for Business, Entrepreneurship Management, and Business Production & Operations. Katie’s book was also included on Aspire Magazine’s Top 10 Books list for October 2017. 

Your productivity and “success” should not be measured and scrutinized by cold inputs and outputs. Your productivity should be defined by what Katie defines as The Revolutionary Zone™. From this place, your business, personal life, and mission find balance and sustainability, which prevents you from falling victim to The Cycle of Burnout™.  

Her expertise has been sought out by the award-winning learning platform, Curious.com, where she is their resident small business productivity expert, as well as Forbes, Fast Company, Staples.com and Client Attraction Business School. 

If you are interested in booking Katie to speak or for a media interview, please email Josie Martinez at info@FullSpectrumProductivity.com. 

Media Inquiries:

All media inquiries and opportunities should be directed to Josie Martinez. She can be reached by email at info@FullSpectrumProductivity.com.

Would you like to hire Katie to speak at your event?

Contact Josie Martinez by email at info@FullSpectrumProductivity.com.

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My Expertise Has Been Recognized By

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