Fast-Track Program™

“I want results yesterday.”

This 6-month option is my most elite coaching program. It is recommended only for motivated high-achievers who want to get results “yesterday.” In this program we schedule three 45 minute calls per month, to get you on track and quickly propel you through the process of organizing, systemizing and delegating in your business. I will work hand in hand with you and give you the expert feedback you need to make quantum leaps in running and growing your business.

Before we begin our three monthly 45 minute calls you will receive a Quantum Leap Strategy Session with me to kick off the program. During this half-day we will dig deep to the root of your business productivity struggles and triage what projects will get you the biggest return on investment the fastest so that we can address them quickly. Later in the program you will also have the opportunity to attend one full day or two half-day VIP Days with me during our six months together. Just think of it as jet-fuel for your dreams. The VIP Days are that powerful.

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