Established Small Business

“I want to increase my income and expand my reach, but I’ve hit the limit of what I can do alone. I’m completely frustrated and overwhelmed.”

Established Small BusinessYou’re an advancing business owner with an established business struggling to make more money and have freedom due to lack of an effective team.

Who You Are

You are ready for the next level in your business. You are at capacity in your own time and energy or you are looking for ways to better leverage the team you have. Instead of focusing on growth and leveraging more work with your amazing clients you are mired in doing activities that could be delegated to others or micromanaging your team. The time has come and you are ready to create more time and space for you to focus on your unique brilliance in your business. You are ready to stop doing all of the mundane administrative, marketing and client activities that you repeat constantly. Fear of trusting others to perform activities in your business is preventing you from starting to delegate or fully releasing the work to your team. Fear and insecurity about effectively delegating is keeping you stuck.

What your issues tend to be

Due to your lack of knowledge around how to effectively delegate you are stalled in growing your business. You are missing out on opportunities over and over again due to lack of time. You are overworked and feel like your business, and therefore your life, is in a constant state of chaos. If you have a team, you are sick of getting less than stellar results from your team members and you want to maximize your investment in your team. You’re ready to leverage your business in a big way, but are afraid to trust others to do the work as well as you do. You find yourself frequently thinking, “there has to be a better way!”

What you need most right now

Your primary focus needs to be on systematizing and documenting your business activities into an operations manual with corresponding checklists. In order to position yourself for a return on your investment in building your team you need to get clear on what tasks to delegate. Once you are clear on the roles and activities you’d like your team members to do it’s time to create routines and processes so that you are not the bottleneck in the business. It is important that you use your systems to convey the culture and personality of you and your business so that your company is internally consistent. By implementing these components you will have more time to grow your business while also increasing your income with your expanded business capacity.

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