Expanding Companies

“I want to massively grow my company, but I’m struggling to manage and grow my team in order to achieve my goals.”

Expanding CompaniesYou’re an established small business looking to drastically increase the efficiency and leverage of your company.

Who you are

As a leader of an expanding company you are at a critical point in the business life-cycle where it’s time to fully leverage your business and your team. At this point you have strong revenues that are between $120,000 to more than a million dollars a year. Your business is more than just a one-man-show. You have a team or are in the process of growing a team that works to support you and may even directly service your clients. You probably feel like your company isn’t “solid” or your mind is “too full” as you may have few operating procedures documented in your business, or what standard operating systems you do have may be incomplete or outdated. You understand the importance of having a solid foundation of systems to support your growth projections. Due to your level of success you are overwhelmed and don’t have enough time to physically create all of the systems, processes and checklists so that your company works like a well-oiled machine and your time can be focused solely on money-generating activities.

What your issues tend to be

You fear the future not because you don’t know how to grow, but because you don’t feel prepared to grow and manage the team required to achieve your goals. Creating systems and processes is not your unique brilliance and would truly be a waste of your time and energy. You are likely overwhelmed by team management and effectively equipping your team to succeed. The time-wasting struggle of “hand holding” or having to micro manage your team may be preventing your company from growing at the rate you desire. In many ways since processes are not documented you feel as though you are constantly wasting time “recreating the wheel.” You dread loosing team members or expanding your team because you don’t have the systems to train them easily and effectively. Due to a lack of systems you struggle to ensure consistent, exceptional service to your clients that is in alignment with your company mission and culture.

What you need most right now

Your primary focus needs to be on having your systems and processes documented in every part of your company to support your rapid growth. In order to do this you need support in crafting a customs operations manual. You should not be wasting your valuable time trying to craft these systems and processes on your own. You should be focusing on money-generating activities and growth opportunities that will expand your company. If you are ready to increase your income and impact in the world and are serious about getting the results you desire, click the button below to schedule a call with me now to learn about my full service custom operations manuals through the Operations Mastery Program™.

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